What to Expect

The 1st session

The 1st session entails a consultation preceding the treatment. As well as being asked about your main condition(s) you will be asked about various areas of your health and lifestyle. Your tongue will be examined and your pulses felt. These all help to aid a comprehension of why you have your symptoms and to ensure an understanding of you as an individual.

How will I feel afterwards?

Depending upon your reason for coming, you may feel relaxed or invigorated after your session. If you began the session in pain you may feel a significant decrease in your pain levels, for some people the benefits take longer to appear. It is recommended that you do not have acupuncture on an empty stomach as acupuncture moves energy around your body and may make you feel hungry and slightly faint. It is also preferable that you abstain from alcohol following the treatment in order to maximise the body's healing potential.

I don't like needles - should I come for treatment?

The needles used are extremely fine and very different to the ones used for injections. As a result many people hardly feel the needles going in. Once they are inserted, the sensation you may experience is one of energy being moved deep in your body - this varies from a slight tingling to a dull ache. Every point is different and every person is different so the feelings vary from place to place and person to person.