Very fine needles are inserted into energy points which exist all over the body. The needles stimulate the flow of energy in channels which run throughout the body and  the vital organs. This causes a rebalancing of the energy in the relevant areas enabling the body to function at its optimum levels.

Acupuncture has been practised for over 2000 years resulting in highly sophisticated and refined diagnostic and treatment methodologies.

The acupuncture diagnosis examines the body as a whole creating a deep understanding of an individual's health. For example, if you are suffering from headaches you will be asked questions about your overall health and lifestyle, as well as, detailed questions about your head symptoms. This provides a clear picture about what is causing the problem, thereby ensuring treatment of both the root of the problem and the resultant symptoms.

The type of acupuncture practised by Fiona at Caterham Acupuncture is Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).