"I first visited Fiona at Neal's Yard as I was interested in boosting my energy levels with acupuncture and I have continued to visit her for different ailments over the years. I have found her help with my problems invaluable and the only way that I have managed to keep my pain under control. She has helped me not only by using acupuncture but by suggesting various ideas to find the source of my problems.  People are able to read all of the books and gain all of the qualifications in the world, but I very much believe that they cannot be taught to care. Fiona's genuinely compassionate nature and thoughtful manner made it a pleasure to visit her and her calming influence has always put my mind at ease. She is a gifted acupuncturist who has worked relentlessly to help me time and time again and I would not hesitate in recommending her to my friends  - and in fact I already have!" Katie, Project Manager/ Business Analyst, Corporate Banking. 

"Fiona has proven an excellent acupuncture practitioner for my condition. She combines an open, caring and gentle manner with strong listening skills and quickly built trust with me. These skills, in addition to her deep expertise enable her to tailor treatment based on new symptoms. She is always concerned about patient comfort and has a light touch. I always look forward to my sessions with her." Thomas, Business Consultant, McKinsey.

"I was suffering from random nosebleeds and my GP recommended cauterisation of the blood vessels in my nostril. However, I was keen for a less invasive treatment and contacted Fiona. I really enjoyed the experience with her. She was very interested in my condition and I could tell that she truly wanted to help. The atmosphere during the session was calm and relaxed and I felt as if I stepped into a bubble away from the hustle and bustle"  Edward, Business Consultant, McKinsey.

"I contacted Fiona in connection with my teenage daughter's urology issues which were having a significant impact upon her life due to uncontrolled voiding. Our first impression was of patience and understanding but also a pragmatic approach. Fiona very rapidly built up a feeling of trust, my daughter felt comfortable in her presence and felt no need for me to be in the sessions. There was no immediate effect which is what Fiona had stated but after a few weeks matters seemed to suddenly significantly improve. Some months on, in the main, my daughter's condition has been fixed. Her life has been revolutionised by not having to worry every time she leaves the house, and we cannot thank Fiona enough." Jenny, mother of Alice (15 at age of treatment)